WellSpring Water Purification

Bullfrog’s JetPak Therapy System features more efficient hydraulic technology.

The WellSpring Filtration Pump moves 130-litres per minute, pushing every ounce of water through the dual filter system 8 times more frequently than standard circulation pumps, keeping your spa water clean in significantly fewer operating hours and using less energy. In addition, extra circulation jets are located behind each JetPak to circulate the water even more completely than conventional spas.


This leads to an average saving of 60% in filtration energy costs, operating vibration-free and significantly quieter than most, perfect for spas installed close to the house near bedrooms, windows or on decks.

Faster, quieter and saving energy…


100% Wood-Free

See how your Bullfrog spa is built and completely core-foam insulated.  Manufactured entirely in the USA, each spa is finished with the best, highest quality components, powerful industrial-strength pumps, and is backed by the best spa warranty available today.

See how your Bullfrog is built…

More Power Everywhere

A Bullfrog Spa massage feels more powerful because it simply is. Your Bullfrog Spa does not require diverter valves. The singular JetPak manifold replaces 200-300 metres of conventional spa plumbing (up to 90% eliminated from your spa entirely), so more power is sent directly to every seat and everyone can enjoy their favourite massage jets on high all at the same time without any loss of pressure. Simply dial up the precise intensity you need.

Enhanced in-seat control…


Smart Touch

All Bullfrog Spas come equipped with the latest computerised control systems. A-SERIES & STIL spas feature intelligent touch-screen technology designed to make operation of your spa as simple and intuitive as possible.

Simple and easy…


CloudControl™ with your SmartPhone

Add Remote Spa Operation to any Bullfrog Spa to control heating, jet functions, even spa security monitoring, using Bullfrog’s App control your spa from anywhere with your own Android or iOS smart phone.

Perfect for your home or bach…


Auxiliary Control

A-SERIES spas have spa-side remote touch pads for when you are just out of reach of the main control pad to control your jets without leaving your seat.

Relaxation at your fingertips…


Refined finishes

Our jets are designed to be low profile flush-mounted, so your body can relax into the spa contours without interruption – the hallmark of Bullfrog Spas refined elegant look. A-SERIES & STIL spas feature the new look brushed stainless finish.

Comfort comes first…



Lighting & Waterfalls

Every Bullfrog Spa comes with full-colour LED integrated lighting & waterfalls. STIL spas feature negative detail luxury landscape lighting with blade waterfalls. A-SERIES spas feature cascading waterfalls, glowing cup holders and ambience outdoor lighting.

Select your mood…



Integrated Sound

A-SERIES & STIL spas feature integrated sound with advanced bluetooth Marine audio systems.

Experience rich sound that wraps around our premium seats and sounds incredible even at low volume levels.

Streaming your favourite songs…


Enhanced Ozone Performance

Our WellSpring Water Purification uses Plasma-Gap Ozone, an advanced high-output ozone system that outperforms UV ozone systems by 30% more efficiently and purifies your spa water continuously at the same high level for years to come with no maintenance or lightbulbs to ever replace.

Better technology, cleaner water…


Make This Your Spa

At our very core Bullfrog Spas are all about making your spa your own.

Watch Witney Carson’s personal account of therapeutic recovery with her Bullfrog Spa at home.

Witney Carson – Professional Dancer

Premium Cabinets

Using the best maintenance-free EternaWood™ our patented, fine quality cabinets featuring contemporary wide panels are built for durability for all weather & UV-resistance.

Your spa base has convenient electrical chase-ways for easier set up, hand holds for moving, no-pests vents, and an easy-access external drain.

New exclusive colours…

Indulge in Christchurch

Spa Covers

Your Bullfrog Spa cover is designed better with an advanced patio fabric that has a higher UV resistance and is more durable than vinyl. Built to lock in the heat and be lighter to lift, our spa covers have a contemporary look that blends seamlessly with modern outdoor furniture.

  • 25% lighter to lift
  • Maximum heat efficiency
  • Safety locking clips

Toughest UV endurance…


Cover Lifters

Simply store your cover with World’s No.1 selling Cover Lifter MADE IN USA, create privacy and extend the life of your spa cover. Durable and strong, our heavy duty cover lifters are built from rust-free aluminium construction to withstand years of weathering.

Easy 1-Step Lift…


Spa Steps

Colour-matched to your choice of cabinet, our premium steps feature non-slip rubber griptread with durable composite construction. High load-bearing capacity for easy, safe entry to your spa.

Made in USA