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What type of things should I consider before buying a spa?

There are many models of spas to choose from, but when selecting a spa you should consider your own personal needs.  You need to consider whether your spa is going to be used for hydrotherapy, a place to relax with friends and family, or for entertaining. Spas are not a one size fits all product, there are models to suit from the tallest to the shortest person and models to suit lifestyle choice. Leisure Spas are the Authorised Dealer for Bullfrog Spas and carry the largest range of Australian-made spas from Spa Industries Global, so choosing the right one is made even easier, but you should still test the spa for comfort.  This means getting into a spa with water in it.

The most important points to consider are, checking that the seats provide you with comfortable support. You should not have to slide down into the spa as you would do in a normal bath.  When sitting in any of the seats in the spa, the water should reach shoulder level.  If it doesn’t, you will not get the full hydrotherapy impact.  Stay in the spa for at least 5 minutes.  At the end of that time, you will know whether the seating and jet configurations are comfortable.

Why should I buy a Spa Made by Spa Industries?

We carry only the top brands of Australian & American made spas.  We realise the importance of having a local New Zealand Spa Warranty backed by the manufacturer.

Spas come in a range of prices and configurations, however you should also consider the after sales service of your spa.  Being able to source the service and spare parts locally is an important consideration when choosing your spa.

Quality is our number one priority, delivering as superior product that offers value for money.

What is the Warranty?

We realise the importance of having a local New Zealand Spa Warranty backed by the Manufacturer.

Spas purchased from Leisure Spas are supported by the Manufacturer Warranty – from Bullfrog Spas International or Spa Industries Global. This is a more comprehensive warranty than most spa retailers will provide, and is not limited to the individual dealer providing it. A product warranty is an agreement between you and the manufacturer on the performance and reliability of your spa.

Spas come in a range of prices and configurations, however it is also just as important to consider the future after sales service of your spa.  Quality is our number one priority, delivering as superior product that offers value for money and peace of mind that you are backed and supported by the largest manufacturer of spas and swim spas with over 25 years of experience who will provide ongoing support and service for the life of your spa.

How do I fill my spa with Water?

All portable spas are filled using a normal garden hose and it is recommended to fill through the filter box. This helps prevent airlocks from occurring within the filter pumps.

How often do I need to drain the Spa?

If equipped with our Ozone system, this can be as little as once every 3-4 months depending on the useage of the spa.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to revitalise, maintain, and restore health.

Many medical practioners and specialists today, will recommend hydrotherapy for all types of rehabilitation.

When used in conjunction with the jets and the warm water in a spa, the healing properties intensify and your spa becomes the perfect place to rejuvenate those overworked muscles or help relieve the pain associated with other ailments. Hydrotherapy is also perfect for relaxation, and therefore your spa becomes the perfect tool to relieve stress.

What is the purpose of a Eco Pump?

The purpose of a Eco circulation pump is to obtain the maximum filtration of the water in your spa, with the greatest energy efficiency.  The high flow, low wattage draw circulation pumps used in the Spa Industries range of spas provide maximum flow with whisper quiet operation, whilst drawing only .5 of an amp – that’s equivalent to the power needed to illuminate one standard household light globe.  This pump also has the highest 7 Star Energy Efficiency rating and has been rated as the best performing pump in the industry.

How do our Spas heat the water?

The Balboa Control systems on all the Spa Industries range of spas, keep your spas hot and ready to use whenever you are.  These control systems come with an economy mode setting to reduce heating costs, and can be programmed to come on at designated times to suit usage.

With unparalleled system reliability, these control systems come with a Patented chemical-resistant Titanium heater element and sensor. Used in conjuction with the Global wifi unit you can now control your spa from anywhere in the world allowing you to turn the temperature up just before arriving home from holiday or business trip.

What surface does the spa need to sit on?

Your spa needs a good solid foundation. If the foundation is inadequate, it may shift or settle after the spa is in place causing stress to the shell. For further information on the placement of your spa, download our pre delivery guide

Does my spa need to be hardwired to the house?

Depending on the model of your portable spa, it may need to be hardwired to the house supply. New Zealand standards require that every spa must have its own designated electrical circuit with RCD. The cost difference between a plug-in and a hardwired spa is minimal.

The correct care and maintenance of your Spa Pool is important to ensure that your spa gives you many years of pleasure.

Visit our Support page for helpful videos and info on how to use and take care of your spa, and spa manuals for current and older models.

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