Choosing between a Swimspa or a Swimming Pool?  What do I need to prepare for a Swimspa?

Here’s a handy guide to help…

Less Water

Bigger doesn’t always mean better when planning for a pool at home. Smaller in size, swim spas typically use 4 times less water than a mid-sized swimming pool. Less water means fewer chemicals, keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum. What it lacks in size, it makes up in features. Get fit, have fun or just relax, a swim spa gives you year-round fun of having a pool with less hassle.


Perfect all year round

Most pool owners have to maintain their swimming pool all year long, but only use it in the summer. A swim spa’s lockable hardcover retains up to 70% of the heat, keeps out unwanted debris and eliminates most evaporation, so your swimspa can be enjoyed any time of year. Keeping your pool at just the right temperature all year long is easy, and with iSPA™ you can control it from your smart phone.


Portable and convenient

Life doesn’t always stay the same. From singles to couples, growing families or empty nesters, unlike traditional in-ground pools the biggest advantage of buying a swim spa is having the peace of mind that you’ll always have the freedom and flexibility to take it with you, wherever you go.

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Easy install

Whether you have a big backyard or a small courtyard, swim spas come in a range of models, we have something to suit every type of space. They are also quicker, easier and more economical to install than a swimming pool. Swim spas are very adaptable, and come ready pre-assembled. For custom spec, we can build it for you in Australia, ready for install in only a matter of weeks, far quicker than a traditional pool!


Affordable to buy and cheaper to run

Swim spas are not only affordable but also packed with features that make them more efficient to run. Heating a smaller body of water cuts down on energy bills and year-round temperature control allows you to maintain the perfect swim temperature you enjoy. Our swim spas have a closed cell insulation which means your water stays warmer for longer.

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Move closer to your fitness goals

Swimming isn’t the only thing made easy in a swim spa – the natural resistance of the water creates the perfect low impact environment for an alternative way to exercise without having to leave home.  Be it water jogging, kickbacks, flutter kicks or steps, there are exercises that suit every fitness level and you can even program a customised swimming experience to support your personal goals.

Swim Trainer Personalised Fitness Swim Programme

How do I choose?

Our swim spas come in any size from 4m – 8m to suit. We have normal height and deeper ones. How do you imagine using it? Do you want it primarily for swimming or hydrotherapy, or both? The V-Stream is a popular family size offering swimming and hydrotherapy combined. Our new Urban Pool range is the first of its kind in the industry – uniquely flexible in design so you can customise everything about it. The new swim system offers up to 8 swim speeds and even personalised training.


Is an Urban Pool cheaper?

Yes! Using 60% less power than conventional pools, Urban Pools are easy to clean and simple to maintain. It looks and feels like a modern swimming pool, but has all the cost effective features of a swim spa and you choose the layout. Want to swim and spa? That’s easy, simply replace the steps with open seating, or you can add a completely separate spa zone if you wish. Full-featured and highly spec’d, if you compare it to a swimming pool of similar size – the price will pleasantly surprise you!


What does my Swimspa need to sit on?

A swimspa needs a well-supported, even weight distribution to allow for approx 1000kgs/ per square metre. We recommend a 150-200mm thick concrete base with reinforcing structure within it. Keep in mind to make your base area big enough to allow for movement around the swimspa for access and servicing. Any Q’s, just ask our friendly team for advice.


What power is required?

Choosing the right swim spa for you is also about understanding the power requirements for the swim experience you want, or may have available at home. You will need a certified Electrician to arrange a suitable power supply to the area, and once your swim spa is delivered your Electrician will need to make the final powered up connection.  Your swim spa comes pre-assembled and ready to go, so this is often a quick and easy final step.

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Are some more efficient than others?

Yes absolutely. Where your swim spa is made and the equipment it uses makes all the difference. Our swim spas use premium pumps made in North America. Our Hi-Flow EcoSpa Filtration system is built to optimise flow to increase heater efficiency and save energy with faster filtration. Cycling your water 4 x faster than other pumps with 50% better flow/watt ratio, saving energy with lower running costs and earning it the industry’s first 10-Star Energy Rating.


What about a Heat Pump?

A good brand of heat pump will help lower running costs. Our Aquatemp™ 9kW Heat Pump is on average 40% energy saving to heat your swim spa, and also enables a rapid/ heating cooling function. Our Urban Pools can cleverly hide the heat pump inside, so no need for extra plumbing or fittings required.


What is Ozone?

Ozone in water is the most powerful natural disinfectant, so your swim spa uses less chemicals. We use Plasma-Gap Ozone an advanced ozone system that uses voltage instead of current to produce a continual high output of ozone for consistently cleaner water. Plasma outperforms UV Ozone systems by 30% more efficiently and it never needs bulb changes, delivering reliable ozone generation for years to come. This extends the life of your water for longer, and may only need to change once in every 6-9 months.


Does the cover cost extra?

No, it never has. Your swim spa comes complete with a lockable, thermal hardcover included for no extra cost. The insulated cover retains up to 70% of the heat and eliminates most evaporation, making it cost efficient to run and and ready at any time at your desired temperature, as well as keeping out unwanted debris.

Cover included for no extra cost…


In or Above Ground?

Just like a traditional swimming pool, if you want to build your swim spa in-ground, it will require groundworks, underground or separate access to equipment, and be subject to normal swimming pool fencing requirements. We recommend to do your homework on your section, understand all the pros and cons and check your local council requirements. Talk to our friendly team for helpful tips and advice. Our motto is…do it once, do it right!

Swim spas are popular because they are generally exempt from pool fencing regulations if they are:

  • Above ground by 1.2m, Lockable hardcover, and not climbable within 1.2m of all sides
  • Attractive to house buyers and sellers because they are portable
  • Easy to service
  • Easy to Install
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Ready to jump in?

Everyone’s dream is to have a swimming pool at home to share with family and friends. Our swim spas are physically built in USA and Australia by world-leading manufacturers. We offer top quality products that we can customise in colours or features, so we can help you achieve your dream outdoor living space!