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Bullfrog STIL 7

MSRP 26190


Award Winner

Bullfrog Spas STIL 7 is unique, its flexible open-concept seating offers plenty of space. This simply modern hot tub is a vision of perfection, you can enjoy a variety of relaxation positions and dual-level recline, personalised with your choice of 3 unique JetPaks. The spa of maximum space and versatility, STIL™ is the ultimate in form and function. There is simply no other spa that compares to Bullfrog Spas STIL.

STIL™ Premium Luxury Spec included

Optional: iSPA™, Voice Control

Key Performance Features:

Select your perfect JetPaks

Modern Hot Tub

STIL™ features clean lines and a modern design aesthetic that is unlike any other spa. With an understated elegance STIL™ hot tub is a breath of fresh air that will enhance any home and blends effortlessly into modern landscaping.

Fresh open-plan approach…


STIL™ Concept

STIL™ represents a new concept of spa design where usability meets comfort. This functional open-plan layout on closer inspection reveals subtle yet soft contours that allows for a variety of relaxation positions with cleverly engineered recline. From a modern interpretation of the classical hot tub comes seamless joins, negative detailing and perfectly flush finishes for a sense of distilled beauty and pure form.

Winner IF Design Award



Elegantly modern, the award-winning STIL™ with pure, modern reductionist design is singular amongst spas and showcases Bullfrog’s hallmark quality of refined finishes and design pedigree.

Elegant with visually reductive approach…

JetPak Flush profile


Perfected with your selection of STIL™ JetPaks that you can move into any seating position to suit the user – Bullfrog’s JetPak Therapy System® targets particular areas of stress relief and gives you the power to choose what you want to have in your spa.

Create your ultimate personal spa…

JetPaks Selection Cascade


Engineered for performance, Bullfrog spas are built with 90% less plumbing than all other spas. Its singular, self-contained JetPak manifold replaces all of the “spaghetti-like” pipes and tubes, and eliminates hundreds of individually drilled jet holes from your spa.

Unbeatable performance…


STIL™ Luxury

STIL™ Luxury landscape lighting has a signature negative-detailed perimeter light feature producing a stunning, soft exterior glow that distinguishes STIL™ from every other spa and is visible even with the cover on, and can be set to your convenience.

Beautiful on the inside and out…

STIL spa profile with landscape lighting


STIL™ Aura ambience lighting gives your water a relaxing, soft luminance and you can adjust your scroll speed to suit your mood, or just enjoy the moment set on your favourite colour.

Feel your day just melt away…

Stil (2)


STIL™ is more refined in every detail. Minimalist yet beautiful luxury blade waterfall with backlit illumination sets the ultimate relaxed mood for your calm sanctuary.

Every detail refined…


STIL™ Touch

Premium wide gorilla glass touchscreen with 256 colour capacitive technology enables bright, full colour display that senses your touch effortlessly, even with wet fingers.

Seamless new graphic interface…



Offering greater functionality than ever before, you can now customise your spa settings to suit your lifestyle with new energy-saving water care modes. Simple and intuitive to operate, with easy navigation and seamless smart integration.

Ready when you are…


Smarter Controls

Our smart control system has A.I. technology (Artificial Intelligence) so it begins to learn changes in its environment and adapt its functions in response, so it works less when it doesn’t need to. This saves energy, means even quieter operation and reduces wear and tear on the pumps by increasing overall efficiency (Made in North America).

Your spa just got a whole lot smarter…



iSPA™ upgrade gives you instant control of your spa from your smart phone for on-the-go convenience. Remotely adjust temperature, water care modes, control lighting, jet function or even engage lock functions on your spa. You can control one or multiple spas from anywhere and at any time.

Instant remote control…


Voice Control

You can now talk to your spa through Google Home and Amazon Alexa to give basic commands on settings and functions, or ask questions and get helpful answers. Available on all spas with iSPA™.

“Alexa… Hey Google… ask my spa control…”


Powerful Industrial Boost

Bullfrog’s premium Industrial-Grade Boost Pumps are built for superior massage power with high hydraulic efficiency and excellent reliability. These high-performance pumps easily outperform every other pump and feature dual-speed pressure control (Made in North America).

Experience a more powerful massage…


Power It Your Way

Our premium boost pumps can operate different stages of pressure simultaneously from each pump, and your JetPak gives you enhanced in-seat control so you can dial in the exact intensity you need. Intensely powerful, to kneading deep-tissue, or even just gently relaxing.

Simply dial up your intensity…



Your spa frame is engineered with patented technology EnduraFrame™ using no steel or timber, so your spa will never rot, warp or corrode. This 100% wood-free injection-moulded support system outperforms all other materials for strength and endurance (Made in USA).

100% Wood-free construction…


Full-Foam Insulation

Bullfrog Spas core-foam insulates your spa filling the whole interior cavity of the spa structure. With the highest level of spa insulation and 90% less pipes and tubes underneath, you can relax knowing your spa has the best efficiency and is lower cost to run.

Solid foam + zero pipes and tubes…


Even Quieter…

Our WellSpring™ pump is vibration-free and quieter than most, so you can position your spa close to the house. This high-performance pump enables a faster, more efficient clean with a large dual filter system and enhanced JetPak circulation, it cleans your water more efficiently in fewer hours, saving up to 60% in filtration energy costs.

Faster, quieter and more efficient…


Plasma-Gap Ozone

WellSpring™ Water Care uses Plasma-Gap Ozone, an advanced high-output ozone system that outperforms UV ozone systems by 30% more efficiently and purifies your spa water continuously at the same high level for years to come with no maintenance or lightbulbs to ever replace.

Consistently high ozone level…


Spa Covers

Your Bullfrog Spa cover uses an advanced patio fabric that has a higher UV resistance and is more durable than vinyl. Built to lock in the heat and feel lighter to lift, with a contemporary look to blend seamlessly with modern outdoor furniture.

Toughest UV endurance…


Manufacturer Warranty

Bullfrog Spas is protected internationally with over 27 Patents and built with precise robotics to eliminate variation and produce a superior quality product. Protecting your spa with the strongest warranty in the industry, from the base all the way through to the smallest jet, your Bullfrog Spa is made entirely in the United States.




Metric Dimensions (W x L) 2240 x 2130mm
Seating Capacity 6 Adults
Types of Seats 2 x Lounger, 4 x Bucket
JetPak Therapy System™ 3 STIL™ JetPaks of Your Choice
Maximum Jets Available 176
Foot, Wrist, Hip, Leg Jets 8
Massage Pump: 56-Frame Industrial-Grade Boost Pump 4.8HP Boost Pump x 1
Massage Pressure 2-Pressure Speed Settings
JetPak Pressure Dial In-Seat Control
STIL™ Flush Mount Profile Jets Brushed Stainless Steel
STIL™ Intuitive Touch Premium Wide Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
STIL™ Detachable Pillows Premium Pillows
STIL™ AURA Light System (Negatively-detailed LED Perimeter Lighting) Luxury Landscape Lighting
STIL™ Water Feature Luxury Cascadia Blade Waterfall
STIL™ Life Audio System Optional
Gecko Smart Controller (MADE IN NORTH AMERICA) AI Smart Control System
iSpa WIFI Optional
WellSpring™ Water Care Ultra-Quiet Filtration
WellSpring™ Enhanced Filtration Auto-JetPod Filtration
WellSpring™ Plasma-Gap Ozone Plasma Ozone
Heater System 3kW Heater
100% Wood-Free Premium Injection-Moulded Frame & Base (MADE IN USA) Enduraframe™ 100% Wood-Free
Full-Cavity Core Foam Insulation Full-Foam Insulation
Dual Microban Filter Elements w/safety feature & Mesh Filter 2 x Filters included
Premium Spa Cover (MADE IN USA) Premium Hardcover: Sterling
Durable 3-Layer Spa Shell Premium Colour: Snow
Eternawood No-Maintenance Spa Cabinet Premium Colour: Slate
Meets New Zealand Safety & Electrical Standards YES
Exterior Drain w/ Footwell Drain Fitting Drain fitting included
Dry/Maximum Filled Weight (includes Cover) 300kg/2315kg
Water Capacity (to normal fill line) 1488 Litres
Power requirements – Load Shed/Full Load 15amp/25amp
Manufacturer Warranty by Bullfrog Spas Lifetime Structural Warranty
Country of Manufacture UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

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