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Simplesilver Mineral Spa Water Treatment

Simplesilver is a combination of naturally occurring minerals and a very small amount of silver oxide. Simplesilver placed in your spa pool gradually releases its minerals into the water, removing contaminants and limiting the formation of scale and corrosion, while inhibiting growth of bacteria. It automatically controls the PH, alkalinity, total dissolved solids, scale, corrosion and bacteria and no other products are required.

Simplesilver is a Single Spa Water Treatment Tablet That Lasts for 12 Months. Saves Time. Gentle On Skin. Easy To Use.

Simplesilver comes packaged in a rigid plastic container for ease of use.

Dimensions: 22cm L x 18cm W x 6cm D

Simplesilver is certified and proven safe since 2003 and used in many spa water treatment applications around the world, so you won’t need to worry about it irritating your skin or having a negative impact on the environment.

Every 1500 litres of water requires 500 grams of Simplesilver

Important: Simplesilver requires optimal filtration so you may need to increase the settings of your spa’s default filtration cycle. Your filters need to be in good, new condition and will require frequent, regular cleaning (once a week with water hose/ once-per month with filter cartridge cleaner). Simplesilver does not kill algae. Spa Chlorine may be required if algae spores appear in water, or if water flow is insufficient, or if your daily use exceeds manufacturer’s recommended sanitation levels. For more info please instructions on box or contact us.

Disclaimer: Leisure Spas recommends you read all the instructions on all chemical containers. We will not take responsibility for the use of these products, product information is supplied by Simplesilver.