Urban Pools

Swim, Relax, Get Fit, or Play!

The ultimate EASY modern pool – uniquely flexible in design so you can customise everything about it, plus all the best features of being a swimspa. Offering up to 8 swim speeds and new personalised fitness training.  Design your own interior, add a spa, or just swim with spacious open-plan layout and select the swim system you prefer. Modern, convenient, easy to install, and ready within weeks built for you in Australia.


You Choose:


YOUR PRICE will show here with your selections. Make any changes and your price will adjust!

STEP 1 – Choose Your Size

Simply choose the size you like best – 4m, 6m or 8m long? Your Urban Pool is 2.3m wide.


STEP 2 – Choose Your Height

All of our swim spas come in the popular depth of 1.5m. This is the overall swim spa height.


STEP 3 – Choose Your Layout

Choose what you want on the inside:

  • Corner Steps – great for giving more room in the smaller size
  • Straight Steps – easy graded entry to the pool with room to rest upon
  • Open Spa Seating – replaces the steps with hydrotherapy jetted bench seats
  • Closed Spa Zone – adds a spa with independent temperature control with 2 loungers and bench seating

STEP 4 – Choose Swim System

You can select:

  • 2-Speed Swim – ideal for plunge pool and backyard swimming fun
  • 5-Speed Swim Trainer – 5 swim speeds for fun/ fitness with personalised training
  • 8-Speed Swim Trainer – 8 swim speeds for fun/ fitness with personalised training
swim spas leisure spas new zealand

STEP 5 – Choose Heater System

You can select:

  • 3kw Heater Element – standard heater
  • 9kW Internal Heat Pump – saves up to 40% heating costs and resides discreetly inside swim spa cabinet
Urban Pool Heatpump Internal

More in Your Pool!

Get fit, have fun, or just relax, the Urban Pool gives you year-round fun of having a pool with less hassle. A pool with more features, more room to play, and made easy with every modern convenience. Offering a range of sizes bigger and deeper than ever before – design your own interior, add a spa, hydrotherapy massage, or just enjoy swimming with open-plan layout.

Swim, play, get fit your way…


Interactive Touch

Premium wide gorilla glass touchscreen with 256 colour capacitive technology enables bright, full colour display with new touch-and-scroll function that senses your touch effortlessly, even with wet fingers.

Seamless new interface…

Interactive Touch

Up to 8 Swim Speeds

Our innovative new swim system enables up to 8 swim speeds with an advanced chamber design that streamlines the current into an equalised powerful flow through all the swim jets simultaneously. From beginner to advanced, our industrial-grade swim pumps deliver superior swim power and you can set your swim preference with one instant touch.

Unrivalled new swim experience…

swim spas leisure spas new zealand

Swim Training

New Swim Trainer features on the 5-Speed and 8-Speed Swim, and lets you set your cardio, training drills, and create personalised workouts that your swim spa automates for you. You set the duration, pace and strength of the resistance you need for your swim, and you can save your top 3 favourite workouts.

Meet your personal Swim Coach!

Swim Trainer Personalised Fitness Swim Programme

Personalised Settings

Offering greater functionality than ever before, your spa features new energy-saving water care modes and you can customise your own settings. Simply the most fun keypad to operate, with quick selection wheels and ONE TOUCH – your spa remembers all your last settings with one simple key activation.

Just one touch…

Premium Gorilla Glass Touchscreen

Powerful Industrial Boost

We use Industrial-Grade Boost Pumps built for superior massage power with high hydraulic efficiency and excellent reliability. These high-performance pumps easily outperform every other 48 frame pump and optimise flow to more hydrotherapy jets (Made in North America).

Experience a more powerful massage…


Smart design, cool runnings

Our EcoSpa™ Circ-Master is built to optimise flow to increase heater efficiency and save energy with faster filtration. Featuring “UniverSeal” self-lubricating carbon-graphite seals with twice as much sealing surface providing higher leak resistance and proven to outlast all other seals with four times longer life. Delivering optimal torque transmission, it extends heater life with better protection and cooler operation.

Highest LPM of any circulation pump in the industry


Smarter Controls

Our smart control system has A.I. technology (Artificial Intelligence) so it begins to learn changes in its environment and adapt its functions in response, so it works less when it doesn’t need to. This saves energy, means even quieter operation and reduces wear and tear on the pumps by increasing overall efficiency (Made in North America).

Your spa just got a whole lot smarter…


ECOSPA™ Quiet Filtration

Our Hi-Flow EcoSpa™ Filtration System cycles your water four times faster than other pumps with 50% better flow/watt ratio, saving energy with lower running costs – earning it the industry’s first 10-Star Energy Rating (Made in North America).

An ultra-efficient, faster clean saves energy…


Plasma-Gap Ozone

Plasma Ozone is an advanced ozone system that uses voltage instead of current to produce a continual high output of ozone for consistently cleaner water. Plasma outperforms UV ozone systems by 30% more efficiently and it never needs bulb changes, delivering reliable ozone generation for years to come.

Keeps constant high level of ozone in your water…


Integrated Heat Pump

Our AquaTemp™ 9kW Heat Pump will save you on average 40% lower running costs to heat your swim spa, and also enables a rapid heat/ rapid cooling function. Your Urban Pool can cleverly hide the heat pump inside, so no need for extra plumbing or fittings required.

Saves up to 40% on heating…

Urban Pool Heatpump Internal


iSPA™ gives you instant control of your spa from your smart phone for on-the-go convenience. Remotely adjust temperature, water care modes, control lighting, jet function or even engage lock functions on your spa. You can control one or multiple spas from anywhere and at any time.

Instant remote control…


Voice Control

You can now talk to your spa through Google Home and Amazon Alexa to give basic commands on settings and functions, or ask questions and get helpful answers. Available on all spas with iSPA™.

“Alexa… Hey Google… ask my spa control…”



A revolution in sound and design technology, Aqua Sound™ delivers an incredible surround sound experience with music resonating directly from the spa with no wall speakers at all! Using Bluetooth stream all your favourite songs with incredible clarity and superior reliability.

The spa is now the speaker…


Marine-Grade Plumbing

Our plumbing is constructed from Marine-Grade cross-link braided tubing with Food-Grade PVC that does not dry out or leach plasticides, and remains supple and strong for longer life. Our hydrotherapy jets use high-quality Marine-Grade (Certified 316) Stainless Steel (Made in USA).

Built to last longer…

hurricane JET movement

Industrial Steel Frame

Your swim spa frame is engineered with an industrial steel support system that is thicker and stronger than our competitors, providing greater durability. Your swim spa is entirely built, formed and fibreglassed in our cutting-edge manufacturing plant in Melbourne. Every swim spa made in Australia has to meet the industry’s most strict guidelines for safety, leaving no room for compromise – quality is our number one priority.

Better quality inside and out…


Energy Efficient

Every swim spa is built with HD (High Density) shell foam insulation for high thermal efficiency and internal heat retention foil. Our swim spa’s lockable hardcovers are made with premium Marine-Grade vinyl for greater durability and higher UV resistance. Your cover can retain up to 70% of the heat, meaning your swim spa can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Ready to use all year round…

Spa Industries Factory Melbourne Australia

Lockable Hardcover

Your swim spa comes complete with a lockable, thermal hardcover included for no extra cost. The insulated cover retains up to 70% of the heat and eliminates most evaporation, making it cost efficient to run and and ready at any time at your desired temperature, as well as keeping out unwanted debris.

Cover included for no extra cost…


Modern Design

Fresh and modern with the look and feel of a swimming pool, Urban Pools are more affordable to buy and more energy efficient to run. They use less power and are easier to maintain with less chemicals. Your Urban Pool is portable so it can go with you if you move house, and comes pre-assembled ready to install – simply the most enjoyable family pool that’s customised for you in only a matter of weeks.

Affordable, portable and easy to install…

Urban Pool Swim Spa Side Profile

Manufacturer Warranty

Spa Industries Global is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest manufacturer of spas and swim spas producing the most well known spa brands for over 25 years from its cutting edge manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia. Our number one priority is quality and every spa is fitted with the very best and latest the industry has to offer, and protected with a Manufacturer Warranty.


SIG Factory 1


CHOOSE YOUR SIZE4m x 2.3m / 6m x 2.3m / 8m x 2.3m
CHOOSE YOUR LAYOUTStraight Steps/ Corner Steps/ Hydrotherapy Seating/ Dual Spa Zone
CHOOSE SWIM SYSTEM2-Speed Swim/ 5-Speed Trainer/ 8-Speed Trainer/No Swim System
Industrial-Grade Boost Pumps (MADE IN NORTH AMERICA)4.2HP Boost Per Pump
2-Speed Swim Chamber System2 x 4.2HP Boost Swim Pumps
5-Speed Swim Chamber System with Swim Trainer3 x 4.2HP Boost Swim Pumps
8-Speed Swim Chamber System with Swim Trainer4 x 4.2HP Boost Swim Pumps
10-Star EcoSpa Filtration Pump (MADE IN NORTH AMERICA)EcoSpa Quiet Filtration
Plasma Gap Ozone (MADE IN USA)Plasma Ozone
Gecko Smart Controller (MADE IN NORTH AMERICA)Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
Spectrum Lighting SystemLED Lighting
iSpa™ WIFIOptional
Swimzone Heating OptionsStandard 3kW Heater OR Aquatemp™ 9kW Internal Heat Pump
Marine-Grade Stainless Jets (MADE IN USA)Certified 316 Stainless Steel Jets
Premium Food Grade Plumbing – Non Toxic – (MADE IN USA)Long-Life PVC Plumbing
Insulation High Density Closed Cell Foamed Shell with Heat Retention Foil (MADE IN AUSTRALIA)Quad Layer Insulation
Industrial-Grade Steel FrameIndustrial Steel Frame
Spa Shell Acrylic with Microban Protection (MADE IN USA)Choice of Colours
Eternawood No-Maintenance Spa CabinetChoice of Colours
Lockable Swim Spa Cover – Premium Australian Cover (MADE IN AUSTRALIA)Choice of Colours
Dual Microban Filter Elements w/safety featureFilters included
Exterior Drain w/ Footwell Drain FittingDrain fitting included
Meets New Zealand Safety & Electrical StandardsYES
Dry/Maximum Filled Weight (includes Cover)Custom Spec Available
Water Capacity (to normal fill line)Custom Spec Available
Power requirements – Load Shed/Full LoadCustom Spec Available
Manufacturer Warranty by Spa Industries Global10-YEAR Structural
Country of ManufactureAUSTRALIA

Shell Colours

Cabinet Colours

Cover Colours