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As always Bullfrog Spas dominates with an incredible display of the A7 spa as a 3-D ‘Virtual Reality’ walk-in spa at the International Pool and Spa Show with full virtual interactivity.

And the debut of a new JetPak called the TRIO – a sensational combination of 6 large figure-of-8 oscillating jets combined into one full back massage, adds to an incredible jet selection.

Your spa just got a whole lot smarter…

Bullfrog’s new operating system with A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology brings a whole new level of smarts to your spa. Now able to learn changes in ambient temperature, enhanced new water care modes, voice activation and all we see on the surface is a new large gorilla-glass touchscreen that works from the current in your fingertips – just like your phone – except this one works even with wet fingers!


Add Advantage to any spa in our new range, and get ready for a jaw-dropping surround sound experience with music that resonates straight from the spa itself using no speakers at all! The new iSPA feature lets you remotely turn your water temperature up or down, instantly change settings, or activate away-from-home to put it to sleep, as well as jet functions, lighting and more. And if you can even “talk” to your spa and tell it what to do…what’s next?!

Entertainment unlike anything you’ve seen before…

The Bullfrog Spa

To Lounge or Not To Lounger?

A7L Bullfrog Spa
A7 Bullfrog Spa

We’ve finally found the spa that works for every body size! And while we’ve long been fans of the old fashioned dual-lounger with classic his & hers seats, so you can both just lie back and relax, right? …Well more often than not, you’re too tall or too short, or you’ve had kids and that great big leg moulding is consuming valuable seating space.

We dare you to step outside your comfort zone, and you will discover a mid-size spa that offers 8 different levels of seating that’ll fit you whether you’re 5 or 7-foot tall! Simply put the massage you need into the seat that’s just the right depth for you, and if you love a leg massage – one lounger is plenty enough when you get to pair it with any massage jets you like – a uniquely different experience.

So what’s our verdict?… Our best seller list would not be complete without the The Bullfrog A7 and A7L, both on an even fairly keel.  Come and try one out for yourself, when you sit in a dry spa you instantly will know what’s right for you.. And as for the lounger debate, we’ll leave that to you – because in a Bullfrog, anything goes!



The technology in this new range is phenomenal. As well as the same Bullfrog control system and 100% wood-free frame, a whole new filtration design with ZERO SUCTIONS paired with a high-performance filtration pump, and bigger new touchscreen with seamless graphic interface.

This spa’s popularity is no doubt also due to the small footprint vs. big seating capacity with a huge footwell that makes it feel so big inside. The new mould also has a broader neck and shoulder seat and longer leg lounger (at least 15cm longer than most) letting you fully recline and enjoy that foot massage at the same time. Overall, for a moderate price level, the level of tech and spec is unmatched by any other brand, and a top choice that’s not looking to slow down anytime soon…

OUR RATING: 5 STARS (yeah.. that’s a 10/10!)


Azure Spa

Nothing packs a punch quite like a highly spec’d small convertible – and this spa is no exception. Cosy but spacious interior, and featuring all the same top spec as the Hurricane.

The master diverter means you can power up your massage solely into the full-body recliner, and industrial powered spa boost delivers it powerful, and if you really like it hard – you can turbo-boost the jets on the blower function – a pretty smart and clever design feature.

Plus all the extra efficiency of the new smart A.I. controller and the super small footprint keeps your power bills even lower, a top pick for the empty nesters and those who like to share (just a little). We love this spa, it’s an absolute slam-dunk thumbs up!


(yeah, go Advantage!)