Bullfrog Spas re-defines what it means to own a personal spa at home, with unrivalled power, unmatched efficiency, and an experience that is unlike any other spa.


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This is the only hot tub you can personalise with the massages you need at the end of a stressful day. Make your spa the perfect fit for you and your body with more hydrotherapy options than any other spa, customised by you.

Discover the Bullfrog Spas Difference

JetPaks Selection Cascade

Choose your own jet massages

Bullfrog Spas has 17 interchangeable JetPaks, so you select the therapy your body needs. You can move the massages into any seat to suit your height and preferred seat. An incredible selection tailored just for you.


Full foam insulation and up to 90% less plumbing make Bullfrog Spas the most energy efficient spas in their class.*

So sit back and relax without worrying about your energy bill.


The JetPak Therapy System™ uses 90% less plumbing – replacing hundreds of metres of conventional spa plumbing pipes and tubes – with a simple water delivery system that delivers more power and has far fewer potential failure points. This is why Bullfrog Spas has set a new standard in hot tub performance.

What’s it like to own a Bullfrog Spa?

Witney Carson – Professional Dancer

Kate Nowlan – Entrepreneur

Justin L’Heureux – Action Photographer

Durable & Reliable

Your Bullfrog Spa is built entirely in the USA using robotics technology for laser precision accuracy and uses only the best quality components for durability and reliable engineering and is protected by the best warranty in the industry.

Peaceful body™  Peaceful mind™  Peaceful home™

Browse our full range of features and options you can select from to complement your home and landscape.

The most choice, the best efficiency, and all of this in a simply beautiful hot tub you design to suit your body, your peace of mind, and your lifestyle.

Authorised Dealer

Manufacturing premium luxury hot tubs for over 20 years, Bullfrog Spas hot tubs and spas are manufactured in Utah, Salt Lake CIty, in the United States of America and distributed world-wide.

In purchasing and maintaining your spa, Leisure Spas is your local Bullfrog Spas Authorised Dealer and will be able to answer all your questions concerning water maintenance for your local area, installation and delivery.