The main reason why spas fail to heat is due to low water flow. Usually, low flow in a spa is associated with a filter that has become clogged or dirty.

Flow issues may show on the touchpad with the following messages – LF – LOW FLOW – OHH – H2O – HTR DRY – FL – OH

Therefore, the first step you should take if your spa pool isn’t heating is to take out the filter and run the spa with no filters in it – always make sure there is no debris in spa when doing this and DO NOT use the spa with no filters in it.

In many cases, this will resolve the issue quickly and easily.

If the spa heats up and runs fine for 48hrs then the filters need to be cleaned or replaced. Please note the manufacturer recommends filters are replaced every 12 months.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, the issue could be that the water level that is too low, please top spa up to recommended level.

If problem persists, please use our Book a Service form as the issue could be debris inside the pump impeller, pump failure or controller failure which we can come on site to assess.

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