What is White Water Mould?

What is white water mould and how to identify it

White water mould in a spa pool often looks like white flakes or white tissue paper in the water.


This type of contaminant grows in your spa’s plumbing.


So, by the time you see it in your spa pool, it’s already in your plumbing.


White mould in a spa pool is an airborne spore. It thrives in damp areas such as dehumidifiers, sump holes, pool toys, kid’s bathtub toys, hoses, spa pools, and spa pool filters left outdoors that are reinstalled while still damp.


You may also suspect what you see is calcium flakes in the spa pool water. However, this is very rare. So, the chances of it being calcium flakes in the spa pool water are unlikely.

After examining pictures of white-water mould in a spa pool, if you’re still uncertain if that’s what you’re seeing, you can photograph the white flakes in your spa pool.


Treatment for white water mould

Once you have white mould in your spa pool, it can be challenging to treat – but it is possible.

To kill white water mould in the spa pool, you need to decontaminate the spa which means an intensive course of chlorine treatment to kill all of the spores in the pool and the plumbing system of the pool.


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